The Oklahoma medical malpractice attorneys at Norton Schwab provide proficient, professional, and resourceful legal representation for residents throughout the entire state who have suffered injuries at the hands of a negligent medical care provider.

Oklahoma is home to nearly four million people, making our state the 28th most-populous, and the 20th-most extensive state in the country. When medical professionals are charged with providing care to a significant amount of people, medical negligence can occur in emergency rooms, private doctor’s offices, and during surgical procedures — just to name a few.

When these medical negligent circumstances occur, our medical malpractice lawyers in Oklahoma are available to review the injured — or their family members’ — cases to understand how we can help prove their damages were caused by the medical care they were provided. We can do the same for you.

How Many Oklahoma Residents Does Norton Schwab Represent?

Norton Schwab’s Oklahoma medical malpractice lawyers represent clients throughout the state, whether they are in Tulsa or Lawton and beyond to ensure their injuries do not go unaccounted for, causing their medical bills and lost wages to be paid out of pocket.

Our Tulsa County and Comanche County residents, to name just a few of the Oklahoma areas we represent, are entitled to exceptional legal representation that will pursue the best financial outcome available for each of their unique cases. Our Oklahoma medical malpractice attorneys have more than forty combined years of experience holding medical providers accountable for their negligence. And when someone loses a family member during negligent care, our wrongful death claims can help provide the time they need to grieve fully.

Norton Schwab Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Focus Areas

In order to provide proficient and exacting legal representation for our Oklahoma residents, our medical malpractice focuses are centered around common injuries and medical circumstances that lead to both short- and long-term damages. These medical malpractice Cases require financial compensation to recover or to maintain additional care — no matter how long that care lasts — and our Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Attorney can help pursue the outcome each unique case deserves.

Our medical malpractice areas of focus in Oklahoma include:

Our medical malpractice areas of focus in Oklahoma cities include:

Surgical Errors & Anesthesia-Related Negligence In Oklahoma

When individuals are undergoing surgery, their illnesses or injuries require serious medical care, highlighted by the goal of making their lives better.

When negligence occurs during surgical procedures, the following are common medical outcomes:

      • Damaged nerves
      • Leaving a piece of surgical equipment inside the patient, including instruments or sponges
      • Making an incision at the wrong location
      • Performing surgery on the wrong body part
      • Operating on the wrong patient

In addition, anesthesia-related negligence occurs when physicians administer too much, too little, or the completely wrong type of the medication necessary to perform the surgery.

The overall injuries that occur differ by patient, and the long-term outcome is unique to their medical circumstances. This means, your Oklahoma medical malpractice claim requires a thorough and experienced approach to pursuing the proper evidence to make your case, and at Norton Schwab, our Oklahoma medical malpractice lawyer deliver solutions by leaving no detail to chance during our investigations.

We pursue all types of physicians and their facilities during Oklahoma medical malpractice cases, including: 

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured During A Medical Procedure In Oklahoma?

Contact our experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Oklahoma today at 888 medmals to discuss your case in full, and allow us to investigate the negligence involved in your medical care. Do not be intimidated by the medical provider who administered your treatment, or the facility’s team of lawyers. Our experienced Oklahoma medical malpractice attorneys do not back down from a legal fight, and when we take a medical malpractice case, we expect to win.

Large Companies Located in The State of Oklahoma

Our Oklahoma residents take pride in their work, and develop their incomes to do more than provide for their families, but to pursue the medical care they deserve when they need it.

Some of our Oklahoma citizens work for many of the largest employers in the state, including:

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