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dental malpractice lawyer dallas, Texas Although dental malpractice claims often involve damages that are too limited to justify a lawsuit, there are some complications to dental procedures that can be life-threatening. Our Dallas dental malpractice law firm has handled a limited number of dental cases including the following:

  • Stroke – Failure to take blood pressure prior to extraction; failure to diagnose severe hypertension, resulting in stroke.
  • Gingival Disease – Failure to properly address gingival disease, resulting in loss of almost all teeth.

At Norton Schwab, our medical malpractice practice areas in Dallas, TX include:

If you believe you or a loved one has been severely harmed as a result of a visit to the dentist, please feel free to contact Dallas dental malpractice attorney, Norton Schwab to evaluate your claim. If you allow us to handle your Dallas dental malpractice case, you will be well represented. We will work to give you the tools and advantages necessary to resolve your case successfully. Please call 1-888-MED-MALS or fill out our case review contact form on this page.